Monday, December 8, 2014


I love lavender for it's fragrance, colour and the wonderful memories of seeing fields of it growing when we were in Provence.  I couldn't wait to plant some more in my garden when we finished the new sheds and there was a lovely sunny spot perfect for these beautiful plants.  I managed to find 3 different varieties and as there's a bit more space I think I'll go back to the nursery in the spring to see if I can find some more.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Pond Sketches

Great Blue Heron
We have a little, city pond near us.  It's a busy place, full of kids feeding ducks, walkers, and even a skate board rink within ear shot; but I like it because of all the wildlife.  The resident birds are a little tamer than elsewhere and I get to sketch a wide variety of species.
More heron sketches and a soaring red-tailed hawk.
Two otter came along while we were watching .... an coot.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baby elephant scuplture watercolor

30 minutes sketch
1 brush (kuretake water brush)
moleskine sketchbook
Atlanta zoo

Gray Jays in Manitoba, Canada

Every time I meet a new member of the Corvidae Family I am smitten.  Jays, as a group, are smart resourceful and delightful when you have an opportunity to watch their behavior.  The Gray Jay is even more amazing because of where it lives--in the boreal and subalpine coniferous forests of North America.  It is a year round resident in these unforgiving extreme winter environments!
Several adapative qualities have helped this jay thrive in this environment, including its thick, fluffy plumage and its hoarding behavior.  Gray Jays begin cacheing food--berries, arthropods and mushrooms--in late summer and continue as winter arrives.  They coat the food with copious amounts of sticky saliva and hide it under bark or lichen and in the crevices of trees, sometimes covering it with another piece of bark or lichen.  This food helps sustain the birds through the winter and into their breeding season which begins before winter ends!

For more information, visit my blog post at Vickie Henderson Art:  Gray Jays:  Bold, Smart, Resourceful!

Diospyros Virginiana, Persimmon by Linda C. Miller

Diospyros Virginiana
Acrylic and Watercolor
What a joy when you have a stash of Persimmon fruits in the studio!

Ornamental Grasses - Lin Frye

Double Meandering Journal

There is frost now in the mornings, and often the cat's water bowl is frozen.  From my office window I can now see the sunrise through the bare trees -- but the colors are gone save for the beech, pines and the feathery plumes of my ornamental grasses.

Our days will  now be focused on the holidays - a different season of busyness.

Lin Frye
North Carolina

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Eat with your eyes only-Concetta Flore

This mushroom- unedible- was found in a roman Park and it immediately fascinated me with the world of visual stimuli it offered. There are lines, volumes, dots, undefinite shapes, delicate hues, and the maze created by the fragmented surface of the "hat".
For the right-hand study I used a pencil trace, whether for the study on the left, I just plunged with my paintbrush and, starting from a central scale, I lost and found my way into and out of the maze.
It is a feeling of incredible concentration and peace of mind, a  special pleasure that lasts long after saying "that's enough". Because you have to stop before you lose lightness.